‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: Why It Was Trash (SPOILERS!)

Personally, I thought season eight of "Game of Thrones" was wack (like most folks). Find out why.

Arya Loses It, and Winterfell Is Racist (Plus Other Stuff That Blew My Mind)!

Hey, y'all!  Just wanted to talk about some of the things that blew my mind on last week's episode (Apr. 21, 2019) of Game of Thrones before The Battle of Winterfell officially begins tonight.  Man, I'm dreading the possibility of losing some of my favorite people. Yeah, I know I'm late, but let's face it...I'm always… Continue reading Arya Loses It, and Winterfell Is Racist (Plus Other Stuff That Blew My Mind)!

Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Psychos

What's poppin', y'all?  I know Game of Thrones' sixth season has ended, but I'm quite sure some of y'all have been going through withdrawals.  With that being said, I decided to do a Game of Thrones Top 10 list, and what better way to do it than to name off the top 10 psychos on… Continue reading Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Psychos

“Game of Thrones” Season Six Finale!!

Okay, I know what I said earlier about losing HBO and Starz, and how I wouldn't post any more recaps/reviews.  However, I found a way to watch last night's season finale of "Game of Thrones" (and I actually found a way to catch up on the other episodes, as well as the other episodes of… Continue reading “Game of Thrones” Season Six Finale!!

“The Broken Man” – Recap and Review

This past episode of "Game of Thrones" was chock full of surprises!  Let's do this! A Beautiful Meadow With Nice, Happy Church Folk (Before the Opening Credits...huh?) Yeah, you read that right.  I never remember any new scenes being shown before the opening credits, but this week, the show begins with happy, shiny people not… Continue reading “The Broken Man” – Recap and Review

“Blood of My Blood” – Recap and Review

DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!  Well actually, I do have to call a lot of these characters' appearances in this episode comebacks because there's so damn many of them, and we haven't seen these folks in ages!  Let's hop to it! Somewhere in the North Poor Meera is dragging Bran in the snow, and slowly… Continue reading “Blood of My Blood” – Recap and Review

“The Door” – Recap and Review

Sorry I'm late to the party, y'all.  Got a little busy with some spring cleaning yesterday (and I still have some to finish up).  Well...let's do this! The Wall The show always starts at The Wall this season, doesn't it?  Anyway, Sansa's stitching something together when she gets a letter from someone, asking her to… Continue reading “The Door” – Recap and Review

“Book of the Stranger” – Recap and Review

If y'all missed this week's episode of "Game of Thrones," I highly suggest that you get your butt to HBO On Demand, HBO Go or HBO Now and start watchin'.  Also, this recap/review has some major spoilers, just like my other recaps/reviews, so if you haven't seen the show yet, don't read the rest of… Continue reading “Book of the Stranger” – Recap and Review

“Oathbreaker” – Recap and Review

The Wall Ser Davos must've thought deep down that bringing Jon back was a bit farfetched, because as soon as Jon begins breathing and sits up, he's genuinely shocked.  Jon's equally shocked that he's alive, as he remembers Olly stabbing him in the heart (the fact that Olly delivered the death strike, and in the… Continue reading “Oathbreaker” – Recap and Review