Tina Turner: 1939 – 2023

I had an extremely bad bout of anxiety last year (two bouts, as a matter of fact), so I refrained from doing any tributes to beloved celebrities that we've lost. However, after hearing the news on May 24, I knew I had to write an article about the one and only Tina Turner. I believe… Continue reading Tina Turner: 1939 – 2023

Brian McKnight Doesn’t Have ‘Crazy Love’ for His Other Biological Kids!

For the past few weeks, Brian McKnight has found himself embroiled in controversy concerning the treatment of his oldest biological children vs. that of his step-children and newest baby. As usual, I have an opinion.

Biz Markie: 1964 – 2021

2021 has proven to be brutal regarding the world of Hip Hop. This year took so many beloved artists away from us: Prince Markie Dee (of The Fat Boys), Shock G (also known as "Humpty Hump" from Digital Underground), Black Rob, DMX, and now Biz Markie. I grew up on Biz and loved him well… Continue reading Biz Markie: 1964 – 2021