“Je Suis Prest” – Recap and Review

Je Suis Prest means "I am ready" in French, for those of y'all that forgot (like me).  I did remember that it's Jamie's family motto, and it's more than fitting for this episode.  So y'all get ready to get this party started! Some more time has passed.  A few of the men have deserted Claire… Continue reading “Je Suis Prest” – Recap and Review

“The Fox’s Lair” – Recap and Review

FINALLY!  The Frasers have come back...to Scot-land!  I had to give y'all some Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson realness in there.  That's right y'all, "Outlander" has gone back to its roots!  Even the theme song is completely in English again!  Jamie started wearing his kilts like he used to!  The old show is back...sort of. Jamie… Continue reading “The Fox’s Lair” – Recap and Review

“Faith” – Recap and Review

The show begins in Boston, 1954.  Claire's daughter, Brianna, is looking at a picture book with birds, and she sees a Heron.  She asks Claire if she's ever seen a Heron before, and Claire tells her that she saw one once in Scotland.  Brianna asks Claire when she went to Scotland, and Claire tells her… Continue reading “Faith” – Recap and Review

“Best Laid Schemes…” – Recap and Review

This last episode starts off with Jamie still brooding over not being able kill Black Jack.  Murtagh, on the other hand, is still gung ho over the now cancelled duel.  He's settin' up times for Jamie to practice his swordfighting and what have you, so y'all can imagine how disappointed he is when Jamie tells… Continue reading “Best Laid Schemes…” – Recap and Review