I’m Still Here, Y’all.

I've been a gone a while, but I'm back now!

Happy 5th Anniversary To Me!! 🎉🎊✨

What's up, y'all? I'm sorry I've been MIA for the past few weeks. My mother underwent foot surgery on Apr. 1, and man...her recovery has been a serious uphill battle. I had to pop back in here to give the late great DMX some love after he passed on, but other than that, I haven't… Continue reading Happy 5th Anniversary To Me!! 🎉🎊✨

Jussie Smollett: My Thoughts

Anyone that’s rocked with my blog from the beginning knows how much I love Empire, considering that the very first blog post I published was about the show.  One of the things I loved about Empire is that it introduced me to Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon.  Jamal instantly became my favorite character on the… Continue reading Jussie Smollett: My Thoughts

Apologies Are In Order

Hey, everyone.  I know I haven't been around lately.  Believe it or not, I've been working on some articles, but they haven't been posted as of yet, because I've been under the weather for the last few weeks.  My sinuses have really been acting up, and even this morning, I woke up with a splitting… Continue reading Apologies Are In Order

The WTF? Moments of 2017 – Part 3

This WTF Ice Cube pic was meant to be ironic. Okay, y'all.  Here's the last installment of the WTF moments of 2017 (and most of the good moments are in this post)!  Enjoy! Jay-Z Releases 4:44...and Promptly Gets Stung By the Beyhive On June 30, 2017, Jay-Z released his critically acclaimed 4:44 album.  I've heard… Continue reading The WTF? Moments of 2017 – Part 3