I’m Baaaack!

What’s poppin’, y’all?

I know what y’all are thinkin’:  “Where the hell has she been?”  “Why did she abandon us?”  I promise y’all, I have a good explanation for my four month absence.  Please allow me to elaborate.

In June, I didn’t have too much to say after reviewing the piece of shit that was the Game of Thrones final season, mainly because I was too busy getting ready to celebrate my 38th birthday (yeah, I’m getting up there, y’all).  You see, my mother planned a big trip to ATL to commemorate the occasion, so in early July, we traveled down there and had a blast.

Georgia Aquarium

When we got back home, I realized it was a minute since I posted anything on my blog, and I’d better hop to it with some topics.  However, I was unable to do so…because my computer stopped taking my password.  That combined with the fact that my cooling fan in my CPU unit wasn’t cooperating, for the first time since I bought it, my beloved PC was useless.


I knew getting it fixed would cost me a little bit of change, and I had a lot a crap going on, so my computer stayed out of commission for the next few months.   Plus, I’m a bit old school, and although our cell phones are mini computers that fit in our pockets, I’m not 100% comfortable typing out whole articles and what have you on them.  I have a hard enough time texting thanks to the sensitive ass screen and the auto correct.  I was finally able to take it to the local repair shop on Sept. 30, and it was finally ready earlier this week.

I’m so sorry I had to be away from y’all so long without any new content.  But I’m back now, and better than ever.  So, let’s get this party started!


—Written by Nadiya

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