The 2021 BET Awards Was Lit!

What’s up, y’all?

I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back (for now). Things at home are starting to slow down and level out just a bit, so you guys will see me a little bit more than you have these past few weeks. I had to come back for a spell to talk about this year’s BET Awards show. Man, it was a fun way to spend three and a half hours. It wasn’t quite as good as the 2016 and 2017 BET Awards show, but I still enjoyed myself. Please allow me to speak on my favorite parts of the show (and some of the controversial shit).

Taraji’s Fashion Homages

This year, Ms. Taraji P. Henson hosted the awards show, and the major theme was “The Year of the Black Woman.” So to honor the sistas, Taraji dressed like some of her favorite female black heroes throughout the course of the ceremony. She commemorated ladies such as Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, H.E.R. (hilariously renamed “S.H.E.”), and Betty Boop, just to name a few. That’s right, young bucks. The real Betty Boop (otherwise known as Esther Jones) was a black woman.

Cardi B’s Pregnancy Announcement!

Early in the show, Migos appeared to perform “Straightenin'” and “Type Shit.” During the latter track, Cardi B arrived to spit her verse, and what did she reveal? A prominent baby bump! That’s right, Cardi is expecting her second child, just as so many people suspected earlier this year during the Grammys. Twitter couldn’t stop buzzing about the baby bump. The reveal was very reminiscent of her 2018 pregnancy announcement during Saturday Night Live.

Not long after the performance, Cardi also posted some pregnancy pics on her Instagram page:

Congrats to Cardi and Offset, and to Kulture, who’s now a big sister!

Chloe x Halle Snubbed

Remember when I mentioned that I’d talk about one of the controversial things that happened during the awards show? This is one of them. Chloe x Halle, the R&B group mentored by BeyoncΓ© and signed to her Parkwood Entertainment managment company, were nominated for four categories: BET Her Award, Best Group, Video of the Year, and Album of the Year. They walked away empty handed. Twitter wasn’t havin’ that, especially when the ladies lost the Best Group award to Silk Sonic (my baby Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak). More on that later.

I’ll be honest. Even though I was psyched to see Silk Sonic take home an award, I was surprised that Chloe x Halle didn’t win the Best Group category. I was especially surprised to see the ladies be Susan Lucci’ed when everything was said and done (a hug and kiss to whoever recognizes that reference without having to click the link). Over the past year—namely the last few months—Chloe x Halle was everyone’s favorite subject of conversation on Twitter, and their Ungodly Hour album was featured in countless fans’ playlists. Personally, I loved their “Do It” track. I’m not saying that the other folks didn’t deserve their wins, because all the nominees were worthy, but these ladies definitely deserved better.

Lil’ Nas X’s Smooch

Midway through the ceremony, Lil’ Nas X performed his hit smash “MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name),” only this time, without utilizing the Satanic imagery (thank God; no pun intended), he channeled Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” video. I have to keep it 100; I didn’t see all of Lil’ Nas X’s performance at first because I was washing dishes (I watched it in its entirety later), but I emerged from my nightly chore just in time to see Lil’ Nas X tonguing down some dude that was his backup dancer. Hey, I ain’t mad! Love wins! Happy Pride Month!

HER’s Heavenly Performance

Ever since I first heard HER featured on Daniel Caesar’s song “Best Part,” she’s never failed to wow me. Her performance at the BET Awards was no exception. She started off the act descending from above while playing the drums. For the first few moments, the drum set hovered in the air, giving a type of celestial feeling. She then finished out the set with a killer guitar solo. HER is so talented, and her voice is so soulful, it’s hard to believe she’s only 23 years old. While stalking Lipstick Alley a few days ago, I came across a commenter saying that HER was a mediocre artist and possibly an industry plant, in her opinion. Every one has a right to their own viewpoint, but I can’t see how anyone can watch this child do her thing or listen to her music and link her with mediocrity or accuse her of being an industry plant. Considering that HER has been singing since she was a child, is a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, she’s basically a female version of Bruno.

Silk Sonic Won Best Group…and Trolled Us!

Bruno and Andy aka Silk Sonic took home the award for Best Group, much to the chagrin of Twitter, who was more pissed than a gang of wet hornets. Even though the win surprised me too, I was elated nonetheless, because I love those guys (Bruno especially).

Later in the night, Bruno and Andy performed “Leave the Door Open” for the millionth time this year, but they still managed to make the act enjoyable and addictive. To be honest, they had the second best performance of the night, in my humble opinion (of course, I may be a bit biased with that). However, most folks—like myself—are achin’ for another single and/or the new album to drop. When the song finished, Andy asked the audience, “Y’all wanna hear a new song? Do y’all wanna hear a new song off the album?” Everyone in attendance shouted, “Yeah!” and I even hollered out “Yeah!” from my living room.

Instead of blessing us with a fresh single, Andy had the audacity to say, “Nah! We gonna run it back! We still in the top 10! And until that day, we gonna do this again, and again, and again!” Then those fools proceeded to sing the damn song a second time, albeit playfully. Those bastards. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I still love y’all, though.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how sexy Bruno looked in that pink suit (Andy was cute, too!)! I mean, he looked like a whole snack! I’m lovin’ his whole ’70s vibe now, and that mustache and goatee of his is starting to grow on me!

Tyler the Creator Killed It!

Like I said before, Silk Sonic had the second best performance of the night, but the number one set of the night has to go to Tyler the Creator. Funny enough, many of the viewers on Twitter were complaining that the male rappers weren’t bringing their A game to the awards show…and then Tyler performed his “LUMBERJACK” track. During the act, Tyler and his chauffeur pulled up onstage in a vintage Rolls Royce during a windstorm. A serious windstorm. Tyler continued to spit his lyrics while his chauffeur, his house, his money, and later on, he himself were blown away from the storm. Once Tyler was blown offstage, the song abruptly ended. I was feenin’ for more.

I loved everything about this performance. The set up was so exciting and creative, and the execution was spot on, especially when the house blew away. Ever since I listened to IGOR a year and a half ago, I’ve been paying attention to Tyler, and he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. I’m lovin’ what he brings to the table, and I can’t wait to hear more of his new stuff.

Method Man Was Hot to Death! πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

While Taraji donned her Erykah Badu outfit, she jokingly introduced her vagina scented incense and invited an audience member to take a whiff of it. It just so happened that the audience member she chose was Method Man, and Lord…he was lookin’ good! Method Man’s always been a cutie, but I swear he seems to get finer with age. On top of his fine face, Meth looks like he’s been hittin’ the gym, too. His body is bangin’! He might be in his 50s now, but he ain’t lost a damn thang!

By the way, please forgive the quality of this video. It was the best one I could find.

Queen Latifah Gets Her Roses!

Toward the end of the ceremony, the lovely and iconic Queen Latifah was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Before she accepted the honor, Lil’ Kim, Monie Love, MC Lyte, and Rapsody performed a tribute to the queen that brought a tear to her eyes.

When Queen Latifah got onstage to give her acceptance speech, she was still visibly emotional and graciously thanked God, her family, her sisters in Hip Hop, her business team, and BET. It was really a beautiful moment and well deserved. Congrats to her!

Remembering DMX

Last, but certainly not least, was the DMX tribute that concluded the festivities. Method Man (with his fine self), Swizz Beats, The Lox, Busta Rhymes, and even Michael K. Williams (better known as Omar from The Wire or Montrose from Lovecraft Country for some of y’all) all got onstage to perform some of X’s greatest hits. During the set, the camera frequently cut to members of DMX’s family, all of whom sang along while wiping tears from their eyes. At the end of the tribute, a soundbyte of one of X’s prayers played as everyone in the audience bowed their heads in reverence. Once the prayer concluded, the men onstage made the X symbol, effectively ending the 2021 BET Awards ceremony.

If y’all are fortunate to catch one of the replays of the ceremony this week, definitely check it out! It’s well worth it!

—Written by Nadiya

So what did you think about this year’s BET Awards show? Was Taraji a great host or did were you not feeling her? Did you believe Silk Sonic deserved to win Best Group? Did you have an issue with any of the winners this year? Do you believe Chloe x Halle were done dirty? Did you like the DMX tribute? Was the kiss between Lil’ Nas X and his backup dancer shocking to you? Did you like Tyler the Creator’s set? What were your favorite and least favorite performances? Were there any moments that you feel I left off? Let me know in the comments section!

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