My Favorite David Bowie Moments (Well, Some of Them)

Speaking out on some of my favorite moments from one of the most fantastic men ever, David Bowie.

Clemson Dominates the 2019 Championship Game!

Hey, y'all!  This is another short and sweet post; I just wanted to give a shout out to my alma mater, Clemson University for absolutely killin' the boys of Alabama last night (Monday Jan. 9, 2019) during the 2019 National College Football Championship!  My team was trending on Twitter from about 8:00 PM EST last… Continue reading Clemson Dominates the 2019 Championship Game!

Top 10 David Bowie Album Covers

Last week, I was in Columbia, SC visiting one of my favorite stores, Manifest Discs and Tapes (for those of y'all that love all things pop culture and live in the Columbia area, or if you're located in Charlotte, NC or Charleston, SC; go to this store!).  While I was there, I came across something… Continue reading Top 10 David Bowie Album Covers