Clemson Dominates the 2019 Championship Game!

Hey, y’all!  This is another short and sweet post; I just wanted to give a shout out to my alma mater, Clemson University for absolutely killin’ the boys of Alabama last night (Monday Jan. 9, 2019) during the 2019 National College Football Championship!  My team was trending on Twitter from about 8:00 PM EST last night, up until 12:00 PM this afternoon:

clemson trending

The Tigers beat the Crimson Tide 44 – 16, in a game that showcased the brilliance of the defensive line as well as Dabo Swinney’s coaching ability.  Alabama shouldn’t feel too bad, though (although we skunked them this go around).  Their game wasn’t bad…it’s just that we’re that damn good.  I have to say though, that fake field goal they tried to pull off was the epic fail of epic fails.  Despite that, the only one that should be embarrassed about last night’s performance is Lil’ Wayne for wearing that monstrosity of a Hamburglar costume.

2019 ESPN College Football Playoff Halftime Performance

Sorry, Wheezy.  😹😹

Anyway, congrats to my boys!  Somebody cue “We Are the Champions”!  #ALLIN

On a side note, I wanna wish a happy 72nd birthday to the late, great David Bowie!  We still miss you, sir!

mr. bowie in 1969 (alt)

—Written by Nadiya

Any Clemson fans and/or alumni out there?  What about Alabama?  Anyone out there a fan/alum of the Crimson Tide?  If you watched the game, what did you think about Lil’ Wayne’s outfit? 😂😂  Who else is celebrating Mr. Bowie’s birthday?  Let me know in the comments section!

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