Meek, Cardi and Their Money: My Two Cents (No Pun Intended)

Hey, y’all! It’s Christmas time again, and I for one am I glad that this year is coming to a close. However, 2020 just wouldn’t be 2020 without some kind of drama. Just as sure as the sky is blue, some drama jumped off Sun. before last (Dec. 6, 2020).

Cardi B was trending all over Twitter because earlier that day, she tweeted the following:

When I say the backlash was swift, I mean the backlash was doggone swift.

In true Cardi fashion, she responded to all the hate:

Despite the fact that most of Twitter banded together to drag Cardi by her baby hair, there were a few fans that took up for her.

If that’s not enough, Meek Mill was trending that same night for a similar reason. While he was in ATL a few days back, he was approached by “The Water Boys.” For those of y’all that have never heard of these boys, they’re kids in Atlanta that flag down people to sell bottled water, and from what I’ve heard, they’re determined to make their money. When The Water Boys asked Meek to buy a bottle, he did…but social media was none too happy about his contribution.

In case you didn’t catch it, Meek paid the boys $20.00 and advised them to split the money. There were about eight kids outside the car, so that means that they’re basically getting $2.50 a piece. Most folks on Twitter felt like Meek was being a tightwad, or just an all-around asshole.

A few people came to Meek’s defense, seeing how The Water Boys have a reputation around Atlanta for being aggressive.

So what’s my take on all this? I feel like all the hate Cardi and Meek received was unwarranted. Please allow me to break it down further, as I normally do. Let’s start with Meek’s situation.

Let’s say you need some water and you go to Wal-Mart to buy it. If you want to quench your thirst right away, you’ll just buy a sole bottle. That usually sets you back about $1.25 or so, and that’s if it’s is a 20 oz. bottle of Dasani or Aquafina. If you wanna stock up on water, you’ll buy a entire pack. A 40 bottle pack of Great Value brand water costs approx. $2.50 – $3.00. So with that being said, y’all are really mad at Meek for buying one 16 oz. no-brand-name bottle of water for $20.00!? Come on. Yeah, Meek has money, but telling those kids to split the $20.00 for that one bottle of water was more than enough. Plus, if the stories about the kids being rude and aggressive when it comes to getting their money are true, then $20.00 is what they deserved. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s when you give money out of the kindness of your heart and the person receiving it balks at it and/or strong arms you for more.

However, I have to echo what Lovelyti said on her livestream a few days back. My issue with Meek isn’t that he gave the kids $20.00 to split, it’s that is that he decided to record the transaction. Why did he feel the need to Memorex that moment (anyone that knows that old school reference gets a kiss!)? If it was his intention to get high fives and social medial praise, the plan blew up in Meek’s face horribly. Again, I have to echo Lovelyti in saying that when you really give from your heart, there’s no need to publicly document it. Not cool.

Now on to Cardi. I don’t believe she had any malicious intent in posting that tweet. I think she just got a little too excited over the purse she wanted to buy and decided to share her excitement with her fans. However, she forgot that the majority of her fans don’t make $88K in a year (myself included), no less have that amount to spend on a Birkin bag. I get why some of the fans felt a certain way, but at the same time, it’s Cardi’s money and she has the right to spend it the way she wants to. Besides, she’s given to charity—dealing with COVID-19 and otherwise—countless times. I believe some of the people giving Cardi a hard time were the folks that love to hate Cardi just because she’s Cardi. Ever since she blew up, people seem to be hellbent on draggin’ her, probably because she’s such an easy target.

I wrote an article about Cardi two and half years ago where I spoke on how she always responds to anyone that criticizes her. Cardi really needs to follow Beyoncรฉ and my baby Bruno’s example and start paying some of her detractors dust. I understand why she felt the need to prove that she’s not the self-centered bitch Twitter made her out to be, but at the same time, showing all her chartiable contributions and donating money just to prove a point makes her actions seem hollow and self-serving, much like Meek recording that damn water transaction.

It’s been a while since all this happened, and since then, all the hype has died down (now Meek and Cardi are in the news for the former’s Clubhouse confrontation with DJ Akademiks and the latter’s hit “WAP” being criticized by Snoop Dogg). However, I couldn’t help but feel like Cardi and Meek were—for the most part—being unfairly drug by their edges, and I wanted to speak on it. Sorry it was so late, but y’all know me.

If y’all want to know my opinion about Meek’s and Cardi’s recent controversies, I’ll give you my two cents right now: Meek was dead ass wrong blaming Akademiks for “snitchin'” on him when he does very little to hide his dastardly deeds himself, and wasn’t Snoop the same man that once emphatically stated, “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks?” SMDH.

—Written by Nadiya

So what are your thoughts on the Meek Mill and Cardi B situation? Do you think Cardi was wrong in mentioning the $88,000.00 purse? Do you think it was fine of her to spend that much on a bag? Do you think that Meek was wrong to give The Water Boys $20.00 to split or do you believe that was more than enough for those kids? Also, what do you think about Meek and Cardi’s current situation? Do you think Meek has a point about DJ Akademiks? Do you think Snoop’s criticism of “WAP” was justified? Let me know in the comments section!

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