“406 Unacceptable” – Recap and Review

*Sigh*  Everyone (especially Elliot) showed their natural ass in this episode.  Let’s do this.

A Psychotic Christmas Story

Vera Tells a Story (Alt)

Vera’s in Krista’s house, telling her a story about “a bully and a little bitch.”  Apparently, back in the day, there was a “little bitch” in Vera’s hood that was terrorized every day by a relentless bully.  One Christmas, “the little bitch” gets an aluminum bat as a gift.  Since baseball is his number one pleasure, the boy goes outside for batting practice.  However, the bully spots the kid and decides to steal the bat from him.  The “little bitch” reaches his breaking point and basically whales on the bully with the bat, even going so far as to knock the kid’s eye out.  Krista listens to this story, bound and gagged in a chair, terrified.

Krista Tied Up (Alt)

Vera tells her that on that day, “the little bitch” learned we all have a purpose in life.  Today, Krista’s purpose is to be the bat that breaks Elliot.

Tod’s Coffee

Elliot in Coffee Shop (Alt)

Elliot is sitting in Tod’s Coffee (formerly Ron’s Coffee) talking to Darlene on the phone, showing a small bit of fatigue.  Then again, he could just be stressed considering the decision he’s about to make.  More on that later.  Turns out Elliot and Darlene now need Olivia’s boss’s log in credentials to transfer the Dark Army’s funds.  Good Lord!  Just fly to Cypress and stick up the damn bank!  Darlene asks how Elliot can possibly get that access, and he tells her that he’s heading to Olivia’s now…with a plan.

Darlene, who’s still squatting at Angela’s apartment, is packing some clothes away when she uncovers Angela’s ballet shoes.  She stops and pauses.

Angela's Ballet Shoes (Alt)

Elliot tells her that when he said he wished he never let her back into his life, he was being an asshole and he’s sorry.  Don’t give Elliot a pass just yet, y’all.  Darlene doesn’t say anything right away, but continues staring at the shoes before packing them in her bag.  She finally tells Elliot to keep his phone on him so she doesn’t lose him again.  Just when the conversation is wrapping up, who should enter through the door?


Leon is Back (Alt)

Elliot asks if Leon has the item he wanted, and of course, Leon does.  He passes it to Elliot under the table.  Elliot stands to leave, and Leon’s hurt.  He thought they were gonna catch up!  Unfortunately, Elliot has shit to do.  Leon lets Elliot know that he’s freelance now (how in the hell did he manage that?), so if he needs any assistance, just call.  Sure enough, Leon offers his hand to give Elliot a pound (fist bump), and Elliot actually gives him one!  I would say that’s growth, but once again, we ain’t givin’ Elliot a pass just yet.

Elliot and Leon Fist Bump (Alt)

Elliot gets in line to get coffee—which in itself is a damn red flag—and Mr. Robot appears, telling him that he’s crossing a line.  Elliot lets him know it’s a little late for that, and orders two peppermint mocha lattes.

Unhappy Reunion

Dom With Gun (Alt)

Darlene has an unexpected guest, herself.  Just when she’s about to leave Angela’s apartment, she finds herself standing face to face with Dom, who’s pointing a gun in her face.

She asks what Darlene was doing in Pike’s Hollow that morning and where Elliot is.  Darlene ain’t talkin’.  Dom makes a call to Janice, who’s putting the finishing touches on the dog the old lady hired her to stuff in “402 Payment Required.”  Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Janice is listening to a podcast or radio show about a man who speaks to an invisible entity.  Hmm…  Dom lets Janice know that she has Darlene, but not Elliot, and Darlene isn’t trying to spill the tea on his location.  Janice orders Dom to keep Darlene there and await further instructions.

Christmas in a Cup  (WTF, Elliot…)

Olivia Drinks Laced Latte (Alt)

Elliot shows up at Olivia’s with the peppermint mocha lattes.  Of course, Olivia’s psyched.  The damaged hottie in the hoodie that rocked her world last night came over to give her some Christmas strudel!  *Sigh*  If only.  She takes the coffee and sips it before asking Elliot to come in.  Elliot looks straight at us for the first time this entire season before shutting the door.

Elliot Looks at Us (Alt)

Elliot begins by saying what he has to tell Olivia may sound nuts.  She asks what he has to say as she lovingly takes his hand, and Elliot immediately goes into how she works for a criminal enterprise that funds wars and terrorists acts.  Needless to say, Olivia releases Elliot’s hand quick, fast, and in a hurry, especially given the fact that she never told him where she worked.  Elliot admits he hacked her to get access to the bank, and asks her to make a phone call to her boss so he can obtain his credentials.  Olivia’s a bit spooked by all this, and asks Elliot to leave.

Oliva's Spooked (Alt)

Now, here’s where Elliot does something that makes me give him a serious side eye for the first time ever…

Elliot goes to the door, then stops and asks what would happen if Olivia ever tested positive for drugs.  Olivia lets him know she’s been clean for eight years, and Elliot says, “No, you’re not.”

And the camera pans over to the peppermint mocha latte.

The Latte (Alt)

That was dirty as all hell, Elliot.

Olivia’s horrified.  She can’t believe Elliot drugged her drink.  Elliot goes from asking Olivia to make the call, to threatening her to do it…or she’ll lose her son.  Seriously, Elliot?  This is what we’re doing?


Ms. Thang Sr. and Jr.

Whiterose's Whiteboard 2 (Alt)

Whiterose aka Ms. Thang Sr. is standing in a room, staring at a whiteboard full of mathematical equations when Ms. Thang Jr. walks in.  She shows Whiterose the pic of Elliot and Darlene in Pike’s Hollow, and tells her it was taken not too far from where the operative’s body was found.  Ms. Thang Jr. believes Elliot’s expiration date has come and gone, but Ms. Thang Sr. rebuffs the idea, saying that if Elliot dies, the shipping hack dies with him.  Instead, they should bring Elliot in and show him what they’re doing.  That way, he knows they’re on the same side.  Hmm…  Is it a time machine or a device that reanimates the dead?

By the way, has anyone noticed that Ms. Thang Sr. and Jr.’s relationship parallels Elliot’s and Mr. Robot’s this season?  Whenever Mr. Robot tries to talk some sense into Elliot, the latter doesn’t listen.  Whenever Ms. Thang Jr. tries to get Whiterose to listen to reason, ol’ girl shuts her assistant down.  SMH.

Mind Blowing Decisions Cause Head on Collisions

Darlene Tied Up (Alt)

Dom’s still holding Darlene hostage when Janice calls back.  Janice tells Dom that she’s gotten word that the higher ups want Elliot, not Darlene.  Dom informs Darlene never gave up Elliot’s location, but they can get it off her cell phone.  Janice is pleased, and instructs Dom to kill Darlene.

Dom’s obviously conflicted and Janice senses this.  She tells Dom that if she’s not 💯, to let her know right now, so she can take the time to kill Dom’s entire family.  Dom promises to get it done.  Janice says she’ll be there at 3:30 sharp to collect the phone and make sure Darlene’s been taken care of.  Once Janice is off the phone, Dom grabs Darlene by the hair and throws her into the bathroom.  She then tosses Darlene in the bathtub like a rag doll and orders her to get on her knees.

Dom Holds Gun on Darlene (Alt)

Darlene starts crying as Dom draws her gun at her again.  She tells Dom she doesn’t have to do this, and Dom’s aggravating ass blames Darlene again for being forced into serving the Dark Army.  Seriously?  How is Darlene responsible for this?  You should be blaming Santiago and Irving.  They got you into this mess!  Anyway, Darlene begs Dom to let her go, telling her that she and Elliot are going to take the Dark Army down, and Dom’s torture will subsequently end.  Dom smashes the butt of the gun against Darlene’s head and knocks her out.  She starts panicking and sits down to calm herself.

Doggone Your Time, Elliot!

Elliot and Olivia (Alt)

Olivia makes the call to her boss, but he’s not available, so she leaves an urgent message.  After she hangs up the phone, she lets Elliot know that he basically ruined her life.  Elliot tries to assure her that he won’t leave any trace showing that she was involved, but that’s not the point.  He just drugged a recovering drug addict.  Elliot has the gall to tell her that she’ll get through it.


Olivia wisely informs him that just because he can have a slip up and be okay, that’s not the case for her.  Just a taste destroys her.  Elliot should’ve kept in mind that just because he was able to completely kick his morphine addiction in 24-36 hrs. doesn’t mean other people can.

Piggybacking on this subject, one of my favorite TV shows in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s was Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (I liked Sober House, too).  Out of all of VH1’s reality TV shows, I believe this one was the most realistic.  Yeah, I’m sure they had some scripted moments, but I honestly believe they were few and far between.  There were some people on Celebrity Rehab that went to counseling, worked their steps and beat their addiction, going on to live healthy, happy and productive lives.  Then there were the folks whose addictions took over their lives and they couldn’t shake them no matter what they did or how many times they asked Dr. Drew for help…and they eventually succumbed to their drug and/or alcohol dependencies.   Olivia appears to be in that latter category, and just one little sliver of a narcotic will blow her life up.  Way to go, Elliot.

Elliot's Guilty (Alt)

Now, instead of Elliot realizing the damage he’s done right off the bat, he continues to show his entire Egyptian ass (or for the purposes of the show, his Caucasian-Indian ass) and tells Olivia she should’ve thought about the consequences before she allowed herself to be employed by terrorists.  Elliot continues to justify what he’s doing, and that’s when Olivia launches into her now infamous monologue asking how many people Elliot’s hurt to get what he wants.  Elliot doesn’t answer, and Olivia asks if she can be excused to the bathroom.  Before she leaves, she asks if hooking up with her was also part of Elliot’s plan.  He tells her it wasn’t.  Olivia bitterly tells him that was sweet before she leaves.  Um, Elliot…did you forget what Olivia keeps in the doggone bathroom?

Mr. Robot Disapproves (Alt)

Mr. Robot pops up, staring at him with a disapproving look.  You know, it’s a sad ass day when Mr. Robot is disgusted with you.  It’s like getting kicked out of an orgy.  How ratchet do you have to be to let that happen?  Elliot keeps trying to rationalize his actions, but it’s clear he’s just trying to convince himself at this point (yes, I’m aware Elliot and Mr. Robot are the same person.  Y’all know what I mean).  Mr. Robot stays silent with Elliot, but he remarks to us that the dread Elliot’s feeling only happens when people cross a line that never should’ve been crossed.   Maybe the dread’s a good thing, because when you realize you’ve crossed a line, you still have one.

A thud is heard from the bathroom, and everyone’s worst fears are realized.  When Elliot enters, he sees that Olivia slit both her wrists with the razor she keeps in the Oxycontin bottle.  Elliot frantically tries to stop the bleeding as Olivia’s body convulses.  Fix it, Jesus…  😭😭😭

Olivia Dying (Alt)

HIPAA Violations

Krista Held Hostage (Alt)

Vera’s still holding Krista hostage at her place, and the good doctor is spillin’ all Elliot’s tea.  After she gives details of Elliot’s various diagnoses and events that may have led to (or worsened) his psychological disorders, Vera ain’t satisfied.  He wants the real tea, but Krista doesn’t know what to tell him.  By the way, Krista mentions Elliot has insomnia, which explains why we hardly see him sleep, and why he continues to have energy after being awake for the last 24 hrs. (although, in real life, he’d be a basket case.  I know this for a fact because I’ve had insomnia).  Vera mentions that he could see that Elliot and Krista had a special relationship, and how ’bout Krista had the audacity to be all like, “He hacked me!  He threatened me and my last boyfriend!  I had to stop seeing him because he scared me so much!”


Like I said, everyone’s showing their natural ass.

Krista, when did Elliot threaten you?  If you’re talking about the time Mr. Robot got in your face and said he was done talking to you, that would go under the category of intimidation, but not a threat.  And hell, you must not have been too scared; you kept treating him!  Yeah, he hacked you.  I’ll give you that much, but after he wrote you a letter asking you to continue your therapy sessions with him, you agreed (see the Red Wheelbarrow journal.  A must read for all Mr. Robot fans)!  And as for your little boyfriend…child, bye.  That fool was married and messin’ around with various women as well as call girls.  Elliot threatened to tell his wife what he was doing if he didn’t leave you alone…and he dropped yo’ ass like a bad habit.  However, Elliot never made good on that threat, and as karma would have it, ol’ boy’s wife found out anyway.  The worst thing Elliot did to that fool was take the dog that he admittedly never wanted and constantly mistreated.  His recent despicable act aside, Elliot isn’t the devil incarnate, and Krista, I’m tired of you acting like he is.

Vera Blows Up (Alt)

Vera sees through Krista’s bullshit and blows up.  He saw her face in that pic.  She wasn’t afraid of him; she loved him.  Krista tries to psychoanalyze him, telling him that just because he learned how to overcome violence with violence as a child, doesn’t mean it’s going to work with her.  Vera pauses and then asks, “Did you just call me a little bitch?”  He asks Young MA and his other crony if they heard the same thing he did, and they co-sign, of course.  To my fellow black people: stop instigating shit.

Turns out, Vera’s not upset.  As a matter of fact, he applauds Krista for having the guts to call him out.  Before he can get too excited, there’s a knock on the door.  Krista’s boyfriend is there for their date.  Krista freaks out, while Vera gets a gleam in his eye…

Redemption Is Futile

Olivia Gets Bandaged Up (Alt)

Thankfully, Olivia’s suicide attempt failed.  Elliot was able to stop the bleeding, and he’s wrapping her wrists with bandages.  Poor Olivia’s covered in blood and the bathroom looks like Michael Myers, Jason and Freddy just had a wild ass party.  Elliot apologizes for what he did, but Olivia ain’t here for the foolishness.  Elliot hands Olivia her phone and is about to leave when she asks if the Dark Army was behind the massacre in Colombia that caused her mother’s death.  He confirms they were.

Olivia sees that her boss has tried to call her three times.  She dials the number and tells him that she needs his authorization to transfer funds.  Elliot gets his credentials, and after Olivia hangs up, Elliot promises once again not to leave anything that’ll lead back to her or her boss.  Olivia still ain’t here for the foolishness.  She lets Elliot know that although she works for monsters, he is a monster.  What makes the situation worse is that he doesn’t even know it.  Hurt, Elliot leaves the apartment and Olivia releases a sob from deep in her soul.


The Little Bitch’s Conclusion

Vera Threatens Krista 3 (Alt)

Krista’s man is outside her house, annoyed that she wasn’t available when she said she’d be.  Honey, you better be glad no one answered that door.  Somebody must’ve been praying for you.  Vera is amused at his reaction.  After he’s done laughing his ass off at Krista’s boyfriend, he asks again if she called him a little bitch.  Krista’s gagged again, so she can’t answer, but Vera lets her know he wasn’t offended.  After all, the “little bitch” whalin’ on the bully with the bat isn’t the end of the story.

The story actually ends with the “little bitch” visiting the bully in the hospital.  The bully is scared shitless, but the “little bitch” holds the bully’s hand, giving him comfort, and letting him know that he saw him as no one else did.  The kind act gave “the little bitch” control over the bully for life, thus making him a king bitch. This is what Vera wants:  to tear Elliot down and build him back up.  That way, he’ll own him.  But he needs Krista to do that and she has to tell him how.  Otherwise, she and her man are toast.

Krista Spills the Tea (Alt)

Vera ungags Krista and she tells him to look for Elliot’s file under the Sept. 2015 tab in her drawer.  Vera asks what’s in that file, and she tells him he’ll find the key to breaking Elliot…Mr. Robot.  Lord…

Time’s Up

Darlene Bleeding (Alt)

It’s 3:25.  Darlene wakes up in the bathtub with a really bad concussion.  Dom is still watching her.  Once Darlene completely comes around, Dom pleads with her to unlock her phone and give her Elliot’s location.  No matter how hard Dom insists, Darlene refuses and asks what Dom would do if it were her family.  Dom tells Darlene what she’s doing now is for her family’s protection.  Darlene confesses that the one night they spent together was the first time in a long time that she felt good.  Dom’s not really trying to hear that, but Darlene lets her know that she’s telling the truth.  Even if Dom has to kill her, she wanted her to know how she really felt.  Am I the only person that’s not so keen on a Dom and Darlene pairing?

Dom helps Darlene out of the tub and brings her in the foyer.  She gives Darlene her gun and demands that she shoot her.  Darlene refuses, but Dom tells her that they’re running out of time and that the Dark Army will be there in the next few minutes.  She’s been wanting to kill herself for the last two months, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.  Darlene can help end her life of misery and find a chance to escape.  Darlene still refuses and opts that they both make a run for it.  That ain’t gonna work for Dom.  If the Dark Army sees both of them gone, her family will be killed.  Darlene still won’t do it, and Dom resorts to begging.

Janice Busts Darlene and Dom (Alt)Dom and Darlene Busted (Alt)

Sure enough, Janice busts through the door 3:30 on the dot with two other operatives.  She’s not exactly happy at what she’s seeing.  Dom inwardly panics, and Janice—picking up on Dom’s inner turmoil—tells her that she’s not gonna kill her.  She’s way too useful…but she’s going to suffer.  Janice then demands Darlene’s phone.  Darlene still refuses to give the phone up, but Janice sees it in her hand and takes it.  She points a gun at Darlene’s head and tells her she means her no ill will; she just needs Elliot’s location.  No ill will!?  Are you for real??  Darlene informs that she just wiped the data off her phone.  Janice checks it, and it’s clean as fresh bed sheets, baby.  Boss!  All Janice can do is stand there all like, “Oh!”

Special Guest Star:  The Man in the Trunk

Mr. Robot and Elliot Talk (Alt)

Mr. Robot asks Elliot if he wants to talk about what happened, but unless it’s involving the technical aspects of the upcoming robbery, Elliot’s not trying to revisit the ratchet ass stunt he just pulled.  Just then, Krista calls Elliot’s cell, saying that she was kidnapped by Fernando Vera and forced to give him all Elliot’s personal info, and once she did, he let her go.  Elliot asks Krista to meet him at Washington Square and hangs up.  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see this is a set up.

Mr. Robot intelligently reminds Elliot that Vera just doesn’t let people go.  Elliot knows this, but he still hurries back to the subway platform he and Mr. Robot just left to get to Krista.  By this time Mr. Robot muses, “There he goes again playing the hero…I’m not even sure if we can call ourselves that anymore after what we did.”  Mr. Robot continues narrating the very next scene as Elliot walks down the sidewalk, and we can see Young MA standing near a car on the side of the screen…

Elliot Walks and Young MA in Background (Alt 2)

I would tell you what the next half of what Mr. Robot had to say, but once Elliot passes Young MA, Vera’s other goons snatch Elliot off the sidewalk, and the minute they do, Mr. Robot’s narration abruptly ends, a la Joe Pesci in Casino.

Elliot Kidnapped (Alt)

They throw Elliot in the trunk of a Plymouth (a throwback to poor Shayla’s fate), and that’s where our story ends.

Elliot Kidnapped 2 (Alt)Elliot Kidnapped 3 (Alt)

This episode was named “406 Unacceptable,” and oh my Lord…that’s a brilliant description of the shit that went down this week.  Unac-damn-ceptable.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great episode—not as fantastic as the previous installment, though—but it was also very hard to watch, namely Elliot’s scene.  That’s the cool thing about Mr. Robot, though.  This show can make you laugh, cry, think, sit on the edge of your seat, or all four in one.  Let’s start with Vera and Krista.  I understand that Krista was held hostage and had her life and her man’s life threatened, but I was still irked that she gave up Elliot’s personal health information (PHI) so damn quickly.  I mean, she broke down his entire medical history. Jeez.  Y’all already know how I felt about her tearing him down.  “He threatened me!  I was scared of him!”  Yeah, okay.


Elliot’s soooo frightening, but yet he’s the one capin’ for you to make sure Vera doesn’t finish your rump off!  On top of that, he had to have known what he was walking into when he got your phone call.  There’s no way he didn’t know that was a trap.

As for Vera, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for Elliot.  I know I’m in the minority on this, but I’m lovin’ Vera’s return.  I don’t see him as a wasted character this season.  It’s more and more clear that he’s a definite monkey wrench in Elliot’s plan, just like I thought he’d be.  Now that Vera’s kidnapped him and Janice has Darlene, how can they possibly infiltrate the Deus Group meeting on Christmas night?

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Vera’s teeth are the same color as his fleece jacket and hair?

Vera's Yellow Teeth (Alt)

The man’s teeth are so yellow, if he goes outside and smiles, the cars start slowin’ down.  Don’t do meth, kids.

By the way, I noticed a lot of people were irked that Vera was constantly using the N-word.  I have to be honest…a lot of Latino people in New York—be they Dominican, Puerto Rican, or even Mexican—use that term.  Fat Joe and Tekashi69 say it all the time.  I don’t necessarily agree with it myself, but it is a prevalent part of the slang up there.  Y’all must not have heard Vera saying it back in season one.  He even called Elliot a n***a.  Rewatch episode two.

Leon at Coffee Shop (Alt)

On a quick note, it was cool seeing Leon again.  I love that guy; he’s so cute!  I even love his new nickname for Elliot, “Elli.”  It’s sweet.  My only gripe is that we didn’t get to see enough of him, and how in the hell did he manage to break away from the Dark Army?  I really don’t see them allowing their people to retire alive (shoot, let Dom announce that she’s taking an early retirement.  I’m sure she’ll have a different end result).  Also, I’m dying to see a Leon vs. Vera showdown.  Man, that would make my year.

Now onto Dom and Darlene.  Dom irks the hell out of me blaming Darlene for being recruited in the Dark Army.  Child, please.  Allow me to break this down for you, Dom:  Darlene slept with you to gain access to Sentinel to undo the 5/9 hack.  That’s where her guilt ends.  Santiago kidnapped Darlene and you walked in on it, forcing his hand into kidnapping you, too.  Santiago drove y’all out there to the Dark Army barn.  Santiago had every intention of killing Darlene and turning you over to the dark side.  He called Irving to take care of everything, who in turn chopped Santiago into little pieces and forced you to take the recently deceased director’s former position in the Dark Army, or else they’d kill your entire family.  Once again, you need to blame Santiago and Irving, not Darlene.

Irving Chops Up Santiago (Alt)

Darlene continues to prove why she’s a boss bitch.  Unlike Krista, Darlene wasn’t trying to give her big brother up, no matter what the Dark Army pulled.  And that phone wipe?  Genius!  When did she have the chance to do that?  Between being slammed on bathroom doors, thrown in tubs and having guns pointed at her face, I don’t see where she had the time.  If anyone knows when Darlene actually wiped her phone, please let me know in the comments section.

Darlene With Gun (Alt)

Speaking of Darlene, a lot folks have been asking why Darlene didn’t just shoot Janice and the Dark Army operatives when she had the chance, considering she had Dom’s gun at the time.   There’s two good reasons why she didn’t do that:  1) Janice and her team were already armed, so even if she shot one, she would’ve been gunned down by the other two, 2) Darlene’s not a stone cold killer—yeah, she has a body under her belt, but it’s still not 💯 if she meant to kill Susan Jacobs or not, and 3) She has a bad concussion thanks to Dom pistol whippin’ her (which also irked me).  It’s a wonder she could see straight after that getting that head wound.

Last, but not least, Elliot.  Oh, Elliot…

I was so hurt that Elliot betrayed Olivia.  I’ve noticed that whenever Elliot does something completely out of pocket this season, people tend to blame the third personality, but I don’t agree with that.  This ain’t the third mystery guest; this is the new Elliot.  Angry, desperate and just off the damn chain!

Off the Chain Not the Same

I’ve also noticed that some people are saying that there’s a possibility that Elliot didn’t really drug Olivia and he was just bluffing, at least they’re hoping that’s the case.  As much as I want this to be true, the big glaring sign that proves Elliot actually committed the dubious act is his meeting with Leon.  Remember, Elliot called Leon to meet him at the coffee house with a package, and Leon slid said package to Elliot under the table.  When Elliot slipped it into his pocket, it was small enough to fit in his hand.  The package was the oxy pills.  I’ve said it once, and I’m gonna say it again…



Elliot, I’m about to do something with you I never thought I’d have to:  I’m gonna go in on you.

Boy, you trippin’ this season!  I CANNOT believe you went ahead with that damn blackmail scheme!  I liked Olivia.  She’s a cute girl that was nice, y’all had similar life experiences, and she was really into you!  She saw you for you.  Since Angela’s no longer an option, Olivia would’ve been a great person to share your life with…and you fucked it up!


I get that you’re running out of time.  I get that you only have a few days before the Dark Army kills you and your sister.  I get you want to take down Whiterose before she commits any more atrocious acts.  But drugging a recovering drug addict and blackmailing her?  Come on, Elliot!  It’s one thing to own sleazy pedophiles and criminals with no conscious, but you drugged and blackmailed a single mom that’s doing all she can to take care of her child and make ends meet.  Maybe if you had taken the time to explain to her what was happening instead of blurting out, “HeyOliviathere’sasecretorganizationouttherethatrulestheworldandI’mtryingtotakethemdownandIneedyourhelpbythewayIdruggedyourcoffee,” maybe she would’ve helped you out.

Darlene was right about you.  Whenever someone gets a step forward with you, somehow they end up four doggone leaps behind!  You were being nasty to your sister, but later, you softened your demeanor and opened up to Olivia.  But then you turned right around and you were nasty to Tyrell, but then you realized you were being a dick and softened your demeanor again.  You and Darlene shared a special moment and you apologized for the nonsense you told her, but then you turned around and pulled this reprehensible stunt.  SMDH.

Elliot and Whiterose (Alt)

Elliot, you do realize that you’re stooping to Whiterose’s level?  Hurting innocent people to get what you want?  That’s Whiterose through and through.  Don’t be the hero so long that you start to become the villain.    Don’t become the crap you’re trying to take down.

A lot of folks are writing you off as always being an asshole, but I don’t think that’s the case.  You committed an act that was diabolical, but I know the real you is still there under all this “by any means necessary” mentality you’ve adopted.  The mere difference between you and Whiterose is the fact that when she kills someone for whatever reason/type of gain, she acts like it ain’t no thing and goes on about her day.  With you on the other hand, when Olivia tried to kill herself, you rushed to save her.  You tried to apologize, although that shit was too little too late.  After the suicide attempt, you didn’t continue pressing her to call her boss.  When she called you a monster, you were hurt.  When Krista called for help, you went right to her, even though it was clearly a set up.  The sweet and vulnerable side of you is still there.  We just need him to come out.


Elliot, I love you and I always will.  I know you’re better than this.  Olivia was innocent and she genuinely cared for you, but you royally screwed her.  She was your chance out of loneliness.  I don’t know if Olivia will ever forgive this transgression—you refueled her addiction and put her son in more jeopardy than you know—but either way, I’m gonna need you to do better and be better.

That’s all.


In the next ep, Vera and Elliot finally meet face to face…and it’s commercial free!

By the way y’all, there’s a new book that your kids will love this Christmas season:

The Bully and the Little Bitch (Alt)

Sold on any street corner as well as the Dominican restaurant where they sell dope stuffed chickens.  Talk to your local hustle man.

Big shot out to Trexitisover9000 for the hilarious pic!

—Written by Nadiya

So what did you think about “406 Unacceptable?”  Was it hard to watch?  Do you agree with what Elliot did to Olivia, or did you think the ends justified the means?  Will Dom and Darlene survive?  Do you see and/or want a Domlene paring in the future?  Did y’all miss Leon?  Do you believe he slipped Elliot those pills or something else?  Do you really think Elliot drugged Olivia, or was he bluffing?  Do you think there may be hope for Elliot and Olivia (I doubt it)?  Does Vera need Colgate?  Let me know in the comments section!




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