Idris Elba vs. Tom Hiddleston: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Tom and Idris

What’s up, y’all?

As you may or may not have heard, Daniel Craig is pretty damn bored with the James Bond franchise, and by the time the next 007 flick is released, he may not be playing the infamous spy.  It makes sense to me.  Despite the fact that Daniel Craig is my favorite 007 actor to date, he’s been playing the character for over 10 years, so I understand why he’d be a little anxious to do something different.

According to the internet buzz, the two actors that are the most highly favored to take the 007 reigns are Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston (who’ll always be Loki to me, because like most folks, I love Loki!).  Each man would most definitely be an asset to the franchise, so let’s break down their pros and cons!

Idris Elba



  1. He has sex appeal.  Idris has always had a je ne sais quoi, even in the “Luther” series, where he’s playing a weathered cop (by the way, I highly suggest watching the past four seasons of that show if you haven’t already).  Also, I’ve always thought that Idris was sexier whenever he uses his natural English accent, which is a must for this film series.
  2. He looks great in a suit.  As evident from the picture above, Idris looks damn good in a suit.  Have any of y’all ever seen the movie Takers?  The film is borderline wack, but one of the best things about is seeing Idris in those fly suits (and he uses his real accent, too)!
  3. He’s a phenomenal actor.  This man can play everyone from a ruthless drug dealer to a holier-than-thou preacher, a suave thief, an evil commander, a loving single father, an unhinged psychopath, or an omniscient guardian of a distant land.
  4. He’s Afro-British.  It would be phenomenal to see a black 007 for the first time ever.  I’d love to tell my grandchildren that the first black president and the first black James Bond came to be in my time.  Okay, there’s really no comparison there, but I’d still love to have a black James Bond in my lifetime.


  1. He may be a bit too rugged.  There’s already been some talk about Idris not being “suave enough” or too “street” for the role.  That actually may be connected to another point that I’ll bring up later, but truth be told, Idris’ roles in “Luther” or Daddy’s Little Girls and other roles like them may turn the producers off towards hiring Idris as the dapper spy.
  2. He’s Afro-British.  I know what y’all are thinking, “How can that be a pro and a con?”  Easily.  I hate to play the race card, but I have to keep it 100%.  Racism is still alive and well.  For the five people that would love to see James Bond be played by a black man, there’s about ten people that would fight it tooth and nail, just because of Idris’ race, not his acting ability.  The “street” and “not suave enough” comments have been echoed by people that have seen Idris’ more gritty roles, but they’ve also been stated by folks that just don’t want to see a black James Bond, simple and plain.
  3. He played Denzel’s bitch once.  I’m sure y’all remember that scene in American Gangster.

Denzel Shoots Idris

‘Nuff said.

Tom Hiddleston



  1. He has a huge fan base.  When Thor and The Avengers were released, something odd happened.  Loki had a larger fan base than Thor, and he was the bad guy!  I have to admit, I’m a Thor fan all the way, but that’s a story for another post.  Despite that, I’m a Loki fan as well (my mother has to be the biggest Loki fan on the planet), and since Mr. Hiddleston’s been doing more diverse work, his followers have increased in size.
  2. He’s proven he can play a spy.  You may have already caught Tom’s performance in the mini-series “The Night Manager” (if you haven’t, watch it), and when the action really got going, my boy was kickin’ ass and takin’ names!  Not only that, but he bedded nearly every woman that he came in contact with, and it was actually believable, which brings me to the next point…
  3. He’s got sex appeal, too!  Most of Tom’s fans are women, and in “The Night Manager,” he’s proven that he can definitely play a man that has a way with the ladies.  I always thought he was cute too, personally.  My mom pretty much wants to marry him.  Then I remind her that he’s my age.
  4. He’s a charmer.  Another cool thing about Tom is that he’s such a sweet, likable guy.  In “The Night Manager,” he not only proved that he can hold his own in fights and handling weapons, but he was able to infiltrate his way into an arms smuggling ring by true charm alone, captivating the fellas and the ladies alike.  Off screen, he seems to get along with all his co-workers, and he and Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor, one of my many fantasy men) have practically become brothers.

Tom Is One of the Hemsworths


  1. Not everyone was convinced by “The Night Manager.”  Jeffrey Bloomer, an associate editor for Slate, an online magazine, expressed the opinion that Mr. Hiddleston’s performance in “The Night Manager” actually proves that he should not be James Bond.  According to Bloomer, it’s not because Tom’s performance was bad, but it’s due to the fact that Tom played a man who felt he had an obligation to take down an evil arms dealer, and the anguish he dealt with was painfully obvious (the dealer killed Tom’s lover and he blamed himself for her death).  That’s nearly a 180° from James Bond, who gets some type of enjoyment from his spy work.  When reading the comments sections, not only did most of the readers agree with Bloomer, but many of them cast their vote for Idris.
  2. Some may consider him too skinny.  Despite the fact that Tom’s been bulking up for his recent roles, some folks may automatically remember his wiry frame in Thor, The Avengers and I Saw the Light, and decide that he’s not physical enough and/or has the wrong body type for the role.  No, James Bond isn’t a huge dude, but he’s not a buck 09, either.
  3. People may prefer to see him as a villain as opposed to the superspy.  It’s been argued that Loki is hands down the best villain in the MCU.  Tom also played a convincing villain (or you could argue that he was an anti-hero at the end of it all) in the film Crimson Peak.  Considering that he plays the bad guy so well, there may be some people that would rather see him as the antagonist instead of 007.
  4. He sucks at arm wrestling.  Can you imagine James Bond doing this?


That’s an epic fail right there.

So which of these two men should be James Bond?  I have to be honest, as much as I love me some Loki, I’m slightly more inclined to see Idris as James Bond.  He’d pull it off beautifully, and like I said, I’d love to see a black 007.  Tom could be the villain along side him.  That’d be really cool.  However, if Idris isn’t chosen and Tom is, I’d still be happy.  Once again, I love both these guys.  Honestly, there’s a chance that neither of these men may be chosen.  There’s another article going around stating that Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the franchise, may choose the least expected actor for the job, and may not even consider Idris or Tom.  There’s also buzz about Tom Hardy or Aidan Turner possibly getting the role.  We’ll just have to wait and see!  In the meantime, break out those old 007 flicks and reminisce on your favorite Bond actor!

—Written by Nadiya

So who would you like to see play James Bond:  Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, or is there another actor you’d like to see take on the role?  If there is another actor you’d like to see, who is it?  Who’s your favorite James Bond to date (my mother loves Sean Connery; I’m Daniel Craig all the way)?  Do you agree or disagree with my list of pros and cons?  Give me your thoughts!


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