UPDATE: Freda Comes Closer to Finding Her Father’s Killer


Okay…that title is misleading.  Very misleading.  I just thought it sounded cool.  In truth, Freda hasn’t come closer to figuring out who killed her father.  As a matter of fact, that child is completely clueless.  However…(SPOILER ALERT!!!) Cookie recently learned who Freda’s dad was, and it’s now becoming an actual conflict on the show.  Gone are the days when Freda and Lucious would be in the studio together lost in their pseudo father-daughter type bond and the very mention—or even hint—of Frank Gathers or the fact that Lucious had him murdered would fail to come up.  Now, Cookie no longer wants Freda around her sons, judging that once she puts two and two together about her father and Lucious, her wrath may be incurred on them in retaliation.  That presents a problem within itself, seeing as Hakeem and Jamal are now working on a song with Freda.

In my previous post, I mentioned that “Empire” has been guilty of missed opportunities as of late, and I hoped that Freda eventually learning that Lucious killed her father wouldn’t be one of them.  After last night’s episode aired, I see that this is one opportunity that the writers may take advantage of, and I’m all for it!  Let’s hope that this tension is stretched out for a while to make the characters, as well as the audience, feel the pressure.  Lucious made a bad situation worse by going after his murdered enemy’s daughter for a paycheck, now let’s see how he handles things when he meal ticket turns on him in the worst way possible.

Man, I can’t wait for that!  Don’t disappoint me.

—-Written by Nadiya

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