It’s Official. I’m Sick of Kanye.

What’s going on, y’all? I’ve been away for a minute, thanks to a much-needed family getaway I had last month and taking the time out to have some self-care in order to improve my mental health. Speaking of mental health, I had to come back on to discuss the topic that’s nearly dominated all of 2022 so far: Kanye West vs. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

Just to provide a brief timeline, Kim filed for divorce on Feb. 2021, ending her six-and-a-half-year marriage to Kayne. As early as Jun. 2021, it was reported that Kanye was dating again.

The now-split couple appeared to be co-existing peacefully, seeing as Kim supported Kanye when he (finally) released his Donda album last summer. As evident from the video below, it was even rumored that Kim and Kanye would possibly reconcile and get back together, but it turns out that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Instead, all holy hell ending up breaking loose around Nov. 2021…when Kim started dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson.

To put it lightly, Kanye felt a way about this union. The moment Kim’s relationship with Pete became public knowledge, Kanye lost his entire mind. He spent the next few months going from publicly declaring that he wanted his wife and family back, to criticizing Kim’s parenting choices and harassing Pete, giving him the nickname “Skete” (Kanye also fell out with Kid Kudi due to the fact that Kudi and Pete are still friends).

In all fairness, it was in extremely poor taste for Kim’s cousin to text Kanye about his well-being and in the same breath ask about Yeezys.
Oh yeah…he had beef with Billie Eilish too, due to her throwing shade toward Travis Scott.

He even went so far as to move across the street from Kim’s house and make a music video where he decapitates Pete’s head and uses it as a planter. I must admit, I haven’t watched the video. It looks creepy and unsettling for various reasons, and if 2022 has reminded me of anything, I have to be mindful of what artistic matter I consume, be it visually or auditorily. Y’all can click on the link I’ve provided if you want to view it.

Recently, comedian/activist DL Hughley spoke out against Kanye’s harassment during an interview with Vlad TV, stating that Kanye appeared to have stalker tendencies and if Kim was his daughter, he would’ve taken action, seeing as most men that behave the way Kanye has over the past few months tend to escalate into violence. I heard no lies in that statement.

Around Mar. 12 or 13, Pete finally had enough of Kanye’s bullshit, and he texted his girlfriend’s ex-husband with some choice words. Now, most people (mainly Kanye’s stans) see Pete’s texts as petty boots, but again, I’m not mad at all.

Kanye spent the following week on the doggone warpath. He made various posts about Kim, Pete, DL Hughley, as well as Trevor Noah, due to the fact that the latter spoke on the subject of this entire debacle between Kanye and his ex. During Trevor’s commentary, he revealed that his mother was a victim of domestic violence and was almost killed by her former partner, so I can see why he felt the need to make the video below.

I guess Kanye’s still holding out hope that Michael Che will get Pete fired from SNL.

That last barrage of social media posts didn’t fare too well for Ye. Since then, DL Hughley responded to Kanye and read him to filth (unfortunately, I can’t post the video here), Instagram temporarily banned him from the site thanks to his racial slurs against Trevor Noah (he’s active on the site now, but he currently has nothing posted), and due to his increasingly disturbing behavior, the Grammys have now banned him from performing, despite the fact that his Donda album has five nominations. Trevor was nice enough to remind everyone that Kanye should be counseled, not canceled.

So, here’s my thoughts. As I’m sure you all noticed from the title, as well as the overall tone of the post, I’m sick of Kanye. Many people have their own interpretation as to why Kanye’s behavior has been so out of control lately: Lovelyti did a very insightful deep dive, theorizing that Kanye feels slighted because he helped to build the Kardashian brand into what it is today. Cynthia G, another YouTuber I watch from time to time, concludes that Kanye’s actions stem from the wounded ego that most black men have when the women they prefer give them the boot.

Now, I’m not going to knock either theory, because both ladies made some very good points during their commentary (especially when Cynthia noted that Kanye kept mentioning “that community” during his rants. Sir, you were comfortable with “that community” not too long ago. So much so that you embraced Donald Trump—literally and figuratively—and made ignorant comments on slavery in mixed company). However, I have a different argument about Kanye’s recent antics, and although it’s more simplistic and arguably a face value observation, this is what I believe. I think that all this stems from good old-fashioned jealousy and spite. That’s it, that’s all.

I honestly believe that if Kanye’s ego was hurt by Kim leaving—be it due to his preferred woman dumping him or to the fact that the brand he worked so hard to perfect was slipping away from him—or if he were truly concerned about Kim’s parenting style and/or not seeing his children, we would’ve witnessed Kanye pitching hissy fits from February of last year up until the present. However, Kanye’s foolishness started sometime around November of last year, right around the time Kim’s relationship with Pete went public, as I mentioned earlier. That’s not a coincidence. Kim leaving Kanye may have hurt him but seeing her move on was more than he could take.

Bruh, it’s time to get past it. If you act this way in public, I can just imagine how you acted in private. And hell, we’ve seen Kanye go on his rants and disrespect Kim for years. I guess she finally reached her wit’s end. And what did you expect, sweetheart? That she’d be single forever? That she’d commit to a permanent vow of celibacy while you’re free to date any every model you come across until she “comes to her senses?” Boy, bye.

Briefly, I want to mention that I do agree with Kanye when it comes to North making videos on TikTok. Children shouldn’t really be on social media until they’ve reached a certain age, and even then, their parents need to monitor what they post. I understand that North’s posts were pretty innocent, but I get Kanye’s concern over the subject. However, Kanye should take this matter up with Kim privately, not publicly. It’s not any of our business, and the way Kanye’s broadcasting it all over social media is in poor taste.

Something that’s in even worse taste is how Kanye treats those that commit the sin of disagreeing with him. You declare that God doesn’t love DL because he called you out on your foolishness? Trevor Noah is a coon because he sees how your behavior is escalating? Please. How do you consider yourself to be a man of God doing the Lord’s work when you’re running around here threatening people and calling them out their name? “I can afford to hurt you.” Seriously? God’s word has no sin it, but yet here you are, threatening to send hitmen after DL Hughley, all for stating his opinion. Sir, you should be ashamed. As for you calling Trevor a coon, I’ll just say this…Trevor wasn’t the one declaring that “slavery [sounded] like a choice” and that “Harriet Tubman didn’t free the slaves, she just sent them to work for other white people.” It’s the ignorance and hypocrisy for me.

Not only am I sick of Kanye’s foolery, I’m tired of his die-hard fans blindly capin’ for him in spite of it (if you’re a Kanye fan or even a hardcore stan that sees Kanye’s lack of discipline for what it is, this doesn’t pertain to you). Kanye stans defend him and make excuses for him all the live-long day. “He has a mental illness!” “He hasn’t been the same since his mother passed!” “Y’all just wanna keep a black man down!”

My heart goes out to Kanye for losing his mother. My mom is my world, and I’d be devastated if something happened to her. I also feel for the fact that he suffers from mental illness. I have a loved one that has mental health issues and I myself have had my own dealings with my mental health this year and last year. However, neither of those things excuse the fact that Kanye is doing way too much. This man has the money and resources to get the help he needs, and it appears that he’s just refusing do that. Rather than seeking treatment, he’s following up his yes men and the fans that egg on and enable his bad behavior.

Speaking of fans that enable Kanye, news hit a few days ago that Theophilus London (whoever he is) confronted DL Hughley in public and demanded that he apologize to Kanye about the interview he did with Vlad TV and the comments he made on the Kim/Kanye/Pete situation. *Sigh* So let me get this straight…DL speaking truth to power is wrong, but Kanye’s constant harassment, death threats, and posting DL’s address on social media is A-okay? Sometimes I swear Idiocracy was a prophecy as opposed to a comedy film.

Even J. Prince is talking about airing a concert the same night as the Grammys, with a lineup that will feature Kanye, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and Drake. The idea is to have black artists that the Grammys have previously snubbed come together in solidarity against the organization’s discriminatory practices, and to boycott the ceremony. Now, I totally agree with J. Prince’s outrage about what happened with Nicki and The Weeknd. Kanye, on the other hand, deserved to have his hand slapped after all his stupidity. Why is it people feel like this man shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions? Like Trevor Noah, I agree that Kanye should be counseled as opposed to being canceled, per se. But if anyone else acted the Kanye has over the past few months, they’d deal with some sort of repercussions. To echo DL Hughley, if a woman did all this, she’d be placed in a conservatorship by this point. Why is Kanye beyond any type of reproach?

On a quick side note, a few days ago I was in the YouTube comments section, discussing Kanye being banned from the Grammys. Y’all, when I mentioned that Kanye’s revoked invite had nothing to do with race and everything to do with his current foolery, his fans—albeit respectfully—caped for him so hard (armed to the teeth with fallacies and excuses) that I’m honestly convinced Kanye pays their bills.

There is one silver lining with all this mess, and it’s that Kanye finally shut the hell up. Between his Instagram ban and the Grammys telling him not to bother completing his RSVP, Kanye’s staying silent for the first time in months. Hell, that in itself proves he knows what he’s doing. He ain’t so mentally ill that he’ll continue to mess up his bag. I also have to agree with what Charlamagne tha God said not too long ago on The Breakfast Club. Kanye appears to value the validation of white people—despite his current comments regarding “that community”—so appearing to be unhinged in their eyes may have been a wake up call for him.

I’m going to end this post by saying this: Kanye, you need to get help. Be open to therapy and medication. Don’t be open to harassment, social media rants, threats, and listening to sycophants and/or blind fans. Constantly posting all your business and making threats on social media/texts is not going to bring your ex-wife back to you. It’s only going to push her further away. You need to accept that she’s moved on and do the same. You also need to find a way to peacefully co-parent with Kim for the sake of your children. Be an adult and talk things out…PRIVATELY. And don’t threaten and/or insult people just because they don’t agree with your way of thinking. Think about this: reputation is the mark you leave on the earth. How do you want to be remembered? A musical genius that changed Hip Hop forever, or a nutcase that stalked and harassed his ex-wife and her new boyfriend?

Better yet, contemplate this: one day, your children are to grow up and see all these posts and all the drama you perpetuated during this divorce (North may already be a witness to all of it). Do you think they’ll be proud of what you did, or ashamed and embarrassed? Let that marinate.

—Written by Nadiya

So, what do y’all think about this new Kanye situation (he always seems to have one, doesn’t he)? Do you feel like Kanye’s actions are justified, or do you think they border on harassment? Does Kanye’s behavior stem from jealousy or do you believe there’s another reason behind it? Do you agree with DL Hughley and Trevor Noah’s statements? Should Kanye have been banned from the Grammys and Instagram? Is Kanye’s Grammy ban due to racism or his current conduct? Let me know in the comments section!

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