Elektra Abundance Is Trash!

Featuring:  The Episode Where Elektra Stole From The Salvation Army and Kept the Money For Herself

Note:  This post is mainly geared toward the folks that watch the FX series Pose.  For that reason, I’m going straight into the subject matter, and not giving any insight on the show as I usually doIf you’re not one of the people that watch it, I suggest you turn your TV on FX on Sunday night (you may wanna flip a coin between this show and Claws to decide which you’d rather tune into first).   And yes, I did steal this idea from my favorite YouTube series, Zack Morris Is Trash.  Sue me.

Elektra and Girls Looking (Alt)

In episode 3 of Pose, Elektra didn’t get too much screen time, which is fine by me, because she gets on my last damn nerve.  We started the episode off with Ms. Abundance sitting in a doctor’s office discussing sexual reassignment surgery with the current attending physician.  Elektra takes the time to mention how much she loved the late doctor that previously owned the practice and how he got her to embrace who she really is.  For a second, we believe Elektra is actually a human being.  That is, until she takes her scrawny ass home.

The other girls at her house (whose names I can’t recall right this minute), bring a wreath home to decorate the loft for Christmas.  Elektra scoffs at the wreath, because she’s a demon, but doesn’t make too big a deal about it.  However, when one of the girls ask if Elektra’s sugar daddy can give them some money to really spruce up the joint for Christmas (no pun intended), in true fashion, Elektra goes off.   She whines about how her man counts every dime and gift he gives her…blah, blah, blah.  I guess going to the dollar store would hurt her pockets too much.

Elektra Posing (Alt)

Elektra calms the hell down and apologizes for her outburst…but still makes sure to remind the girls they’re stupid.  She then tells them that they’re going to “deck the fucking halls” for Christmas.  In the next scene, she and the girls stake out Santa and one of his elves taking Salvation Army donations in front of a Manhattan hotel.  One of the girls cause a distraction, and while Santa and the elf are subdued, Elektra comes up with a chain cutter, breaks the chain holding the donation bucket and runs the hell off.  I’ve heard people say that The Salvation Army was very judgemental about the LGBT community, but that’s no reason to make starving mothers and children suffer because a few folks wanna act like dicks.

Elektra Stealing Salvation Army Money (Alt)

Back at the loft, the ladies count the money.  It turns out they made off with a cool $2,300.00 (which may be about $4,500.00 nowadays).  The girls start fantasizing about having a real Christmas, with real gifts and decorations, seeing how $2,300.00 was a lot more in 1987 than it is in 2018.  The wheels in Elektra’s head start turning and she tells the girls that “all their Christmas dreams” will come true.  She takes the dollar bills, leaving the coins on the table, as the girls continue to dream.

The next day, Elektra struts—like only Elektra can—into the hospital and hands the front desk lady a stack of dollar bills, proudly stating that she’s putting down $2,300.00 to have her sexual reassignment surgery.

Elektra Pays For Surgery (Alt)

So let’s review:

  • Elektra Abundance has decided to have sexual reassignment surgery, and while speaking with the doctor, we nearly empathize with her until…
  • …she gets home and starts acting like a total asshole with her children.
  • Then, she has a bright idea to decorate the house for Christmas just like the girls wanted, by knocking off Salvation Army volunteers, risking her girls getting arrested and causing starving women and children to go hungry and not have any gifts for Christmas.
  • Then, while the girls are counting the money and fantasizing about what they’ll do with the cash for Christmas, Elektra takes the money for herself and spends it on her sexual reassignment surgery, literally leaving her children mere coins to spend for the holiday.  I really hope the dollar store’s selling decorations.


Elektra Posing 2 (Alt)

—Written by Nadiya

So, do you think Elektra Abundance is trash?  What am I saying?  Of course, she is.  Nonetheless, leave a comment.  😉

5 thoughts on “Elektra Abundance Is Trash!”

  1. Seems someone mimicked “ Zack Morris is Trash” videos.



    1. Yeah…I said I mimicked “Zack Morris is Trash” in the article. Or did you skip that part just to shade me in the comments section? BTW, I made no criticisms of the era itself, just Elecktra, because at the time, I didn’t care for her character. #Lookslikeyoudidntreadthepostatall Thankfully, she improved after having a slice of humble pie when her man dumped her and Blanca took her in. And yeah, I gave my opinion, because that’s what I do here. Nice try on the shade, though.


  2. She may be damaged, hateful, selfish and a bitch, but she is not trash. I’m really late to this party, as I literally just binged the entire series last week. In the first half of the episodes, she makes it very challenging to like her. But, I think Ms. Jackson’s portrayal is spot on. I have known many, many individuals in the LGBTQ community who have had an extremely tumultuous life; full of hatred, intolerance, rejection, violence and a slew of other issues to which they have been subjected, just because of their sexuality. My guess is that Elektra is probably one of these people. It is very hard to be a loving person if one has never received love in the first place. In the end though, we see, thanks to Blanca, that with empathy and understanding, most people can learn how to love.
    I’d also like to add that quickly judging a person, either real or fictitious, is not very insightful.


    1. Wow…y’all are really coming at me for a post that was basically a spoof and meant to be a joke. Why so serious?
      (“POSE” SPOILERS AHEAD!) Firstly, I didn’t “judge Elektra so quickly.” I made this post after the third or fourth episode of the series, and quite frankly, her behavior for the first part of show is abhorrent. She’s completely rude and disrespectful, which is why she lost her house in the first place. Just look at her house and look at Blanca’s. The children in Elektra’s house had no real loyalty to her because she treated them horribly, with a few exceptions (i.e. taking care of Candy after her botched butt injections and getting the kids all new clothes). Blanca’s house was full of love, and as a result, she had a real family behind her. I’ll give you this much, Elektra did end up being a three dimensional character that redeemed her self in the end (thanks to Blanca’s love and support). But in the beginning, I didn’t like her because of her nasty attitude, and I made a post about it. It’s no different than my criticisms on Brianna Fraser (from “Outlander”) or any other character that works my nerve. You yourself said she wasn’t easy to like at the start of the show. Secondly, I’m sure Elektra did have a difficult life as a transgendered woman, and it may have hardened her somewhat. However, the series clearly shows us that Elektra was a lot more caring and empathetic when she first took Blanca in than she was when Blanca left her house. I think along the way, having a house full of kids and winning countless categories at balls went to her head. Also, Elektra didn’t have it any harder than Blanca, Angel, Damon or Lil’ Papi, but you don’t see them talking down to people and stealing money from them. Third, Elektra is a fictional character, so yeah, I gave my two cents. If she were an actual person, I could understand the criticism. But considering that she’s not, and the post was meant to be humorous, you read a bit too much into it. Was that insightful enough?


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