I’m Team Cap! And It’s Not Because I’m a Nerd!

Sorry I'm a little late with this post, but it's been a crazy little week.  My mom had two medical procedures back to back that I had to take her to, and I had to go to traffic court (I was compelled to listen to a certain N.W.A song when I got that ticket)!  Today...I'm… Continue reading I’m Team Cap! And It’s Not Because I’m a Nerd!

“Oathbreaker” – Recap and Review

The Wall Ser Davos must've thought deep down that bringing Jon back was a bit farfetched, because as soon as Jon begins breathing and sits up, he's genuinely shocked.  Jon's equally shocked that he's alive, as he remembers Olly stabbing him in the heart (the fact that Olly delivered the death strike, and in the… Continue reading “Oathbreaker” – Recap and Review

Why “Underground” Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

If some of you remember, in my very first post, I mentioned that nowadays I get more excited to see "Underground" on Wednesday nights than "Empire."  Don't get me wrong, "Empire" still entertains me, despite the fact that it's not quite the show it once was.  The only difference is, now "Empire" can be DVR'ed… Continue reading Why “Underground” Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

“Untimely Resurrection” – Recap and Review

We pick up right where we left off last week.  The house is in shambles from the fight that broke out.  It turns out the g'darmes TFF summoned actually were the cops, and they arrested everyone, including Jamie (where I come from, the Comte would be known as a "snitch bitch").  Claire and Fergus sat… Continue reading “Untimely Resurrection” – Recap and Review

“Home” – Recap and Review

This week's "Game of Thrones" episode was hot to death. The Three Eyed Raven's Cave We open to an all-grown-up Bran Stark, who's warging out in the Three Eyed Raven's cave.  He psychically travels to Winterfell and sees his father, aunt and uncles when they were all still children, and before the manor was ruined… Continue reading “Home” – Recap and Review

“Lemonade” Ain’t Your Mama’s Beyoncé Album!

I know I'm late blogging about this, but due to other commitments, I wasn't able to submit this post as quickly as I wanted to.  However, this album is so huge that despite the fact that it was released nearly a week ago, I feel the intense need to put my two cents in. While… Continue reading “Lemonade” Ain’t Your Mama’s Beyoncé Album!

“La Dame Blanche” – Recap and Review

Praise Jesus.  This episode was actually good.  Let's do this. The show begins with Jamie and Monsieur Duvernay playing what appears to be another boring game of chess, when the minister asks Jamie what he plans on naming the baby.  He and Claire--who's watching the game---have a chuckle worthy disagreement over what to name the… Continue reading “La Dame Blanche” – Recap and Review